Design, Planning Permission & Construction

Planning & construction all inclusive service as well as construction of your planning approved project

As well as construction by way of tender we offer clients an all-inclusive service of Design, Planning Permission & Construction. This entails taking the project from applying for planning permission right through to final completion on site.


We have two options open to clients when it comes to the design process:

Option 1

You can choose a design from our brochure which can be altered or extended to suit your own particular needs. Our brochure houses have been designed to reflect general requirements for building new homes in rural settings. We also have an in-house catalogue of over 1000+ CAD files so you are guaranteed we have something to suit your needs.

Option 2

We can also design a house that is completely unique to you, taking your requirements on board as well as the nature of your chosen site. At Murphy New Homes we work closely with our in-house QS to ensure all designs stay within budget.

Planning Permission

Once a design has been established we will carry out percolation tests on site, prepare and submit your planning application to the relevant Local Authority on your behalf. At no time will you have to deal with the planning authority directly. All correspondence is dealt with in-house and you are constantly updated with the progress at various stages.

With the introduction of the Rural Design Guide in recent years and the more recent requirement for EPA testing, attaining planning permission for one-off houses is now a professional service and as such needs a professional and experienced approach. We have a team of highly qualified Civil Engineers, Architectural Technicians as well as EPA Assessors to ensure your application has every chance of success. It is also worth noting that this service is included in brochure design prices and as well as one of our own system designed dwellings.

All sites are surveyed using the latest topography satellite levelling systems and your dwelling will be expertly situated to minimize visual effect on the landscape taking into account ground conditions and more importantly maximizing solar gain to ensure we create your ideal living environment.

Cork County Council has produced a very extensive planning guide which is applicable to most counties in Ireland. Topics covered included site selection, design and landscaping

Click here to download a copy…..


Once Planning Permission is obtained we will discuss any conditions that may have been issued as well as all other necessary paperwork to prepare for site. Once we submit the commencement notice through the BCMS we are then ready for commencement on site.